Discrimination: There isn’t any discrimination based on race or color, gender, religious beliefs or practices. 7. UNK is a private university with just under 4,000 undergraduates. Age: Review the requirements for admission to every distance education degree program. Every applicant is accepted, which is around 94 percent.

More details. Other popular subjects include elementary education as well as business. Duration Time Art History Online via distance learning.

Highlight: As the second top-rated university in Nebraska, Kearney University is the second-ranked university in Nebraska. For a course of 21 credit hours, the expected duration will be 21 weeks. University of Nebraska Kearney offers the possibility of online education for students all across the nation. For 45 credits the estimated time to completion is 45 weeks and so on.

Degree: B.A. in History. The calculations are rough. 5. The duration of every degree program that is a distance learning one is determined based on the average time spent instruction each week. Sam Houston State University.

It is also based on the amount of valid credits from prior knowledge as well as the degree of commitment to the program. Sam Houston State’s Bachelor of Arts in history is among the most prestigious online degrees in history in Texas. More details. Students who earn this degree study the foreign language as minor, as well as courses in history. The information for the degree programs for distance learning is available in English However, you can after approval and request submit your required assignments in other languages. Teachers may also earn their teaching license in their undergraduate program.

Recognition Recognition Art History Online via distance learning. Subjects of study include military history, world histories, African American history, and Latin American history. Recognition – Distance degree programs – More info. Sam Houston is the number eleven top University within Texas.

Accreditation is a Distance Learning University – More information. This school is situated in Huntsville and is home to more than 15,000 undergraduate students. Graduation legalization and Graduate Service – More information. It has a 79% acceptance rate, the majority applicants will get their acceptance notice. The acceptance for these Distance Learning Higher Education academic credits is the sole prerogative of the institution receiving them or employer. Once accepted, the most sought-after majors include liberal arts, safety studies and business. The criteria for recognition differ based on the specific institution of higher education, company policy or the country’s legal framework.

Highlight : Students who live in the area are offered the unique opportunity of completing an internship with The Sam Houston Memorial Museum located close to the campus. The degree is B.A. in History. Petition for Right.

6. On the 7th of June in 1628 The King Charles I signed the Petition of Rights that is being used today. University of Idaho. The petition was an important factor during the English Civil War and inspire the American Constitution. It is worth noting that the University of Idaho has a history BA/BS, which is among the top history degrees online.

What was the purpose of this petition? What was the reason it was necessary? What changed? When we look into the Petition of Rights, let’s look into those issues more deeply. As part of their education in this program, students are able to explore the human experience through many different cultures, continents and centuries. Petition for right: Charles I. The degree is offered online as well as on campus as well, both of which help students expand their knowledge and aid in the development of the ability to write and solve problems. Before we get into the Petition of Rights, we require some background.

Critical thinking is the main element of this degree. The king, Charles I, was crowned in 1625 after the father of his son, James I, died. Students graduate to become doctors, lawyers and farmers, as they are successful in various other fields. Charles and James both James as well as Charles were believers in God’s rights of the king.

U of I is located in Moscow, Idaho, and the medium-sized University boasts over 7000 students in the undergraduate program. This means that God selected the rulers of kingdoms, and they had a divine power to govern. Acceptance rates of 77% which makes it a very competitive University to enter. If you were to oppose the king, it was to be against God. If you do cheap get the green signal can pursue a pursue a degree in engineering and mechanical, psychology humanities, as well as other fields of study.

All of this, when taken together, indicated that Charles was the king. Highlight: The University of Idaho is the most prestigious institution in Idaho. Charles was of the opinion that he didn’t require any approval from anyone to rule, and that what he declared was his own. The degree is History BA/BS. Figure 1. 7. Charles I. Maryville University. Charles was adamant to become the absolute monarch (also called royal absoluteism).

Maryville University has a BA in history that ranks among the top history degrees online. Absolute monarchs were the rulers who could rule independently without needing to seek the approval of anyone. The whole course is on the internet, making it accessible for students who are working towards professional or family goals. It is difficult to transform England to an absolute monarchy since the king would have to take away the power of the English commoners and nobles. The unique and engaging course is designed to be career-focused in order to allow students to study historical research methods. England was a country with the parliamentarian System that was a form of governance.

Students also develop their analysis and communication abilities. The King was powerful however, he also was subject to controls and checks. When they earn an academic degree in the field of history, students can customize the courses they take to suit their goals in their career and personal life.

The King had to get approval from Parliament before he could do certain actions. This prestigious university is a privately-owned institution situated inside the Saint Louis area. It was comprised of two houses: the House of Lords (nobles) and the House of Commons (elected officials). It has around 2,600 undergraduates and admits 95% of students who apply. It was not possible for everyone to vote for the elected officials, but it was the only type of government that they could have. The school has a graduation rate of 72 percent of students who commence their studies here, or transfer from other institutions. One of Charles’s problems was that he couldn’t tax without the approval of Parliament.

This is an incredibly high rate. Absolute Monarchy. Popular subjects include nursing, psychology, and business. Absolute Monarchs occurred when the monarch had total control over the entire nation.

Highlight: Maryville University ranks number ten among the top universities which focus on online education. The monarch was required to manage the nobles, religious leaders, and the commoners in order to maintain absolute control. Degree: BA in History.

If Charles was the absolutist monarch, then he would not have to call Parliament and could govern by himself. 8. The absolute monarch with the greatest success is Louis XIV, the French Sun King, Louis XIV. Westfield State University. Charles was keen to wage war against Spain to show the strength of England. Westfield State University has a BA in History that is among the top online degrees in Massachusetts. His adviser, the Duke of Buckingham was a part of the plan for war, which resulted in two costly mistakes.

This program provides students an understanding of the past and the foundation needed to comprehend social issues that impact current issues. The Parliament demanded that the Duke be replaced by someone who was more adept at the job. The students go on to become educators or economists, business people, or social workers, among many other disciplines. They agreed to pay Charles money in exchange for his dismissal the duke. The school also provides a minor in history. Charles did not agree and ended the session of Parliament. Westfield offers more than 4,500 undergraduates and admits 86% the students who apply.

Charles was still in need of money and he compelled the gentry and nobles to loan him money. The school has a graduation rate of 63%, Westfield offers majors in liberal arts, safety studies as well as a wide range of other disciplines. Charles would throw anyone who refused to do so in prison without offering them a trial. Highlight: 86% of students receive some kind of financial aid.

To make the money, Charles forced the English to live in his house and feed his troops. This makes it a cost-effective option for the majority of students. Parliament was worried they would be able to see that Charles became too strong and that Charles would become an absolutist monarch. Graduation : B.A. in History. If this happened they would lose all of their authority.

9. Petition for Rights: Summary. University of Alaska Anchorage. When Charles requested the help of Parliament for his military efforts, they suggested to him the Petition of Rights.

It is believed that the University of Alaska Anchorage has one of the most prestigious online degrees in history. The petition referred to rights granted in the Magna Carta, specifically clause 39. The UAA BA in History covers the entire spectrum of human experiences and can help students to prepare for careers in relation to history or graduate study as well as in a variety of areas. Charles was reluctantly signing the petition the 7th of June 1628 as a condition of Parliament paying for his war effort. Financial aid and scholarships for history can be used to with fees and tuition.

To stay out of the new restrictions imposed by the Crown, Charles didn’t hold another Parliament for 11 years!